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As a noun potato

is a plant tuber, solanum tuberosum , eaten as a starchy vegetable, particularly in the americas and europe.

As a verb god is




  • A plant tuber, Solanum tuberosum , eaten as a starchy vegetable, particularly in the Americas and Europe
  • (informal, UK) A conspicuous hole in a sock or stocking
  • Synonyms

    * (plant) spud (slang)

    Derived terms

    * air potato, air-potato* almond potato* Amandine potato* Andean potato latent virus* Andean potato mottle virus* Anna potatoes* apple potato bread* baby potato* baked potato* baking potato* bastard potato* Bengal potatoes* Bintje potato* black potato* blue potato* boiling potato* Bordet-Gengou potato blood agar* Brazilian potato tree* Burbank potato, Burbank Russet potato* Canada potato* Canarian wrinkly potatoes* Caribe potato* Carolina potato* chat potatoes* chef's potato* Chilean potato-tree, Chilean potato vine* Chilian potato* Chinese potato* clean potato* cold-potato routing* coleus potato* Colorado potato beetle* couch potato* Cree potato* Cuban sweet potato* Delmonico potato* duchess potatoes, duchesse potatoes* duck potato* false potato beetle* fauxtato* fingerling potato* finger potato* frafra potato* French-fried potatoes* giant potato creeper* glasshouse and potato aphid* Greenfield potatoes* Hausa potato* hog potato* hog's potato* home-fried potatoes* hot potato* Idaho potato* Indian potato* Irish potato* Irish potato bread** jacket potato* Japanese potato* Jersey Royal potatoes* Jerusalem potato* little potato* Livingstone potato* long white potato* low-starch potato* Lyonnaise potatoes* Madagascar potato* mashed potato, mashed potatoes* meat and potatoes* meat and potato pie* Mexican potato* mouse potato** native potato* new potato* O'Brien potatoes* oca potato** pineapple potato* potater* potato aphid* potato apple, potato-apple* potato aucuba mosaic virus* potato badger* potato-ball* potato bean, potato-bean* potato beetle, potato-beetle* potato black ringspot virus* potato blight* potato blood agar* potato-bogle* potato-box* potato bread* potato bug, potato-bug* potato cake, potato-cake* potato cannon* potato chips* potato clay* potato creeper* potato crisps* potato curl* potato cyst* potato cyst nematode* potato deforming mosaic virus* potato dextrose agar* potato dextrose broth* potato disease* potato dumpling* potato-eater* potato-eel* potatoes and point* potatoey* potato-eye* potato failure* potato family* potato famine* potato farls* potato fly* potato fern* potato finger* potato flake* potato flour* potato-fly* potato fork* potato fungus* potato grant* potato gun* potato-headed* potato hook* potato-jaw* potato kugel* potato late blight* potato latent virus* potato latke* potato leafhopper* potato leaf roll virus, potato leafroll virus* potato lectin* potatoless* potato-loaf* potato masher, potato-masher* potato mildew* potato-mill* potato mop-top virus* potato mold, potato mould* potato mosaic* potato moth* potato-mouth* potato-mouthed* potato murrain* potato nose, potato-nose* potato nuggets* potato oat* potato of Canada* potato oil* potato onion* potato pancake* potato paradox* potato patch* potato peel* potato peeler, potato-peeler* potato peelings* potato pen* potato pie* potato pit* potato plant* potato pretender* potato psyllid* potato pudding* potato puff* potato race* potato ricer* potato ring, potato-ring* potato-root* potato root nematode* potato rot* potato rot nematode* potato rugose mosaic* potato salad* potato scab* potato scab bacteria* potato scone* potato-scoop* potato set* potato-shop* potato-sick* potato spindle tuber viroid* potato spirit, potato-spirit* potato split-worm* potato-spraying* potato-stalk weevil* potato starch* potato stem mottle* potato stick* potato straw* potato sugar* potato trap, potato-trap* potato tree, potato-tree* potato tuber moth* potato tuber nematode* potato tuberworm* potato tumor, potato tumour* potato vine* potato virus A* potato virus M* potato virus S* potato virus T* potato virus U* potato virus V* potato virus X* potato virus Y** potato wart* potato wart fungus* potato weevil* potato whisky* potato-woman* potato worm* potato yam* potato yellow dwarf* potato yellow dwarf virus, potato yellow-dwarf virus* potato yellowing virus* potato yellow mosaic virus* potato yellow vein virus** prairie potato* Price's potato-bean* prickly potato* purple Peruvian potato* purple potato* red-skinned potato* red potato* red round potato* Russet Burbank potato* russet potato* salt potatoes* scalloped potatoes* sea potato* seaside potato* seed potato* Spanish potato* small potato, small potatoes, small potatoes and a few in a hill, small potatoes and a few in the hill* scalloped potatoes* shoestring potatoes* smashed potatoes* starchy potato* Sudan potato* swamp potato* sweet potato* tater* Telinga potato* telingo potato* ten-lined potato beetle* Uruguay potato* Uruguay potato vine* Virginia potato, Virginian potato* Vivaldi potato* waxy potato* white potato* white potato vine* white round potato* wild potato* wild potato mosaic virus* wild potato vine, wild sweet potato vine* wild sweet potato* yellow dwarf of potato* Yellow Finn potato* Yellow Finnish potato* yellow potato* Yukon Gold potato* Zulu potato, Zulu round potato



    (wikipedia god)(en noun)

  • A deity.
  • # A supernatural, typically immortal being with superior powers.
  • # A male deity.
  • #* 2002 , Chuck Palahniuk, Lullaby :
  • When ancient Greeks had a thought, it occurred to them as a god or goddess giving an order. Apollo was telling them to be brave. Athena was telling them to fall in love.
  • # A supreme being; God.
  • The most frequently used name for the Islamic god is Allah.
  • An idol.
  • # A representation of a deity, especially a statue or statuette.
  • # Something or someone particularly revered, worshipped, idealized, admired and/or followed.
  • #* Bible, Phil. iii. 19
  • whose god is their belly
  • (metaphor) A person in a high position of authority; a powerful ruler or tyrant.
  • An exceedingly handsome man.
    Lounging on the beach were several Greek gods .
  • * Wilfred Owen, Disabled (poem)
    Someone had said he'd look a god in kilts.
  • (Internet) The person who owns and runs a multi-user dungeon.
  • * 1996 , Andy Eddy, Internet after hours
    The gods usually have several wizards, or "immortals," to assist them in building the MUD.
  • * 2003 , David Lojek, Emote to the Max (page 11)
    The wizzes are only the junior grade of the MUD illuminati. The people who attain the senior grade of MUD freemasonry by starting their own MUD, with all due hubris, are known as gods .
  • Usage notes

    The word god is often applied both to males and to females. The word was originally neuter in Proto-Germanic; monotheistic – notably Judeo-Christian – usage completely shifted the gender to masculine, necessitating the development of a feminine form, goddess.


    * (supernatural being with superior powers) deity, See also

    Derived terms

    (terms derived from "god")* demigod* God* god-awful* god-child, godchild* goddam, goddamn* goddaughter* Goddess* goddess* godded* godding* godfather* god-fearing* god forbid* god-forsaken, godforsaken* God-given* godhead* godhood* god-king, god king* godless* godlike* godliness* godling* godly* godmother* God of the gaps* godparent* godsend* godship* godson* Godspeed* godward* household god* ungodly

    Related terms

    (terms related to "god")

    Proper noun


  • * 1530 , , An aun?were vnto Syr Thomas Mores Dialogue'' in ''The whole workes of W. Tyndall, Iohn Frith, and Doct. Barnes, three worthy Martyrs, and principall teachers of this Churche of England, collected and compiled in one Tome togither, beyng before ?cattered, & now in Print here exhibited to the Church (1573), page 271/2:
  • * 1900 , , "The Happy Man" in The Wild Knight and Other Poems :
    Golgotha's ghastly trinity—
    Three persons and one god .
  • Verb


  • To idolize.
  • * {{quote-book, 1608, (William Shakespeare), , section=Act V Scene III,, passage=CORIOLANUS: This last old man, / Whom with a crack'd heart I have sent to Rome, / Loved me above the measure of a father; / Nay, godded me, indeed.}}
  • * a . 1866 , (Edward Bulwer Lytton), "Death and Sisyphus".
    To men the first necessity is gods; / And if the gods were not, / " Man would invent them, tho' they godded stones.
  • * 2001 , Conrad C. Fink, Sportswriting: The Lively Game , page 78
    "Godded him up" ... It's the fear of discerning journalists: Does coverage of athletic stars, on field and off, approach beatification of the living?
  • to deify
  • * 1595 , (Edmund Spenser), Colin Clouts Come Home Againe .
    Then got he bow and fhafts of gold and lead, / In which fo fell and puiflant he grew, / That Jove himfelfe his powre began to dread, / And, taking up to heaven, him godded new.
  • * 1951 , (Eric Voegelin), Dante Germino ed., The New Science of Politics: An Introduction (1987), page 125
    The superman marks the end of a road on which we find such figures as the "godded man" of English Reformation mystics
  • * 1956 , , Fritz Eichenberg, , page 241
    "She is so lately godded that she is still a rather poor goddess, Stranger.
  • See also

    * agnosticism* apatheism* atheism* deism* divine* henotheism* kathenotheism* gnosticism* monolatrism* monotheism* pandeism* pantheism* polytheism* Tetragrammaton* theism




    * (l), (l)1000 English basic words----

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