How To Say Grandma In Every Language (2023)

How To Say Grandma In Every Language

How To Say Grandma In Every Language (1)

February 21, 2022 // Marc

How to say Grandma in every language?
No matter what language you speak, everyone has a word for grandma. In many cases, it’s one of the first words you learn. After all, your grandparents are some of the most important people in your life!
Here are some of the most common ways to say grandma in different languages:
In English, we say “grandma” or “grandmother”.
In Spanish, grandma is called “abuela”.
In French, grandma is “mémé” or “grand-mère”.
In German, grandma is “Oma”.
In Italian, grandma is “nonna”.
In Portuguese, grandma is “avó”.
In Russian, grandma is “бабушка” (babushka).
In Chinese, grandma is called “外婆” (wàipó).
In Japanese, grandma is “おばあさん” (obaasan).
In Korean, grandma is “할머니” (halmoni).
These are just a few of the many ways to say grandma in different languages. No matter what language you speak, there’s a word for the most important woman in your life!

‘Obaasan’ is an abbreviation for ‘the best’ in Japanese. Vogo is a Portuguese word that translates to beer. The word “bubby,” which comes from the Greek word yeyaia, is used in the Polish language to refer to bread and cheese. mormor is a Swedish word that means daughter of a farmer, and farmor is a word reserved for the same person. Oma and Opa are two familiar names given to German grandparents. Grandpa w, also known as Grandpa w, is the second most popular choice, trailing only hines.

Tipuna wahine/tupuna wahine, kuia, karanim*/karanim*m*, perek*u, t*ua, ruruhi, ruahine, kui, kuikuia, ngoingoi, vakpu,

Grandparents of both genders refer to their grandmother as tutu, but kahu wahine is the more formal term. In reality, the k and the t are interchangeable in Hawaiian, despite the fact that there is no t in the language.

In Swedish, the maternal grandparents are referred to as mormors for grandmothers and morfars for grandfathers. The word for grandmother is farmstead, while the word for grandfather is farfar.

What Is The Viking Word For Grandma?

How To Say Grandma In Every Language (2)Credit:

There is no one definitive answer to this question as the viking word for grandma (or any other familial term) would likely vary depending on the region and dialect of Old Norse being spoken. However, some possible possibilities for the viking word for grandma include ‘ama’ (meaning ‘mother’), ‘farmor’ (meaning ‘grandmother’), or ‘mormor’ (meaning ‘grandmother’).


The grandmother is referred to in Irish Gaelic as Seanmhthair, which translates as “old mother.” The two most common translations of grandparents in French dictionaries are grandmother and grandfather. A grandfather is usually referred to as a caballo or aito in Spanish. The Czech grandmother is known as a babika or b*ba. Nana, Grammy, Granny, Mimi, Gram, Nanny, Oma, Mamaw, and Gran are just a few of the grandparents we have. Grandpa’s relatives include Papa, Granddad, Gramps, Pop-Pop, Poppy, Papaw, Pop, Opa, and Pappy. What is grandma like in objibwe?

You should pay attention to your grandmother (2s-3s). Is Yaya meaning “grandmother”? Yia-yia can be abbreviated as ya-ya, also known as ya-ya.

What Is The Celtic Name For Grandmother?

The term grandmother, which translates to “old mother,” is commonly misunderstood by many people. Sean mathair, sean mathhair, and seannmhair are some of the alternate spellings.

Different Languages Have Different Names For Grandparents.

What is the difference between a grandparent and an elder in different languages?
Grandparents are frequently referred to in different languages as “Seanair,” but other Scottish grandfather names include “Grandad” and “Grandpa.” In Spanish, grandfathers are known as “Abuelo” in addition to being referred to as “Abuelito” or “Tito.” Maime* anddaide* is the name given to Irish grandparents by the Gaelic word maime, which translates as “grandmother” and “grandfather.”

What Is The Native Name For Grandma?

In Japanese, gookomis is the equivalent of your grandmother (2s-3s), andookomisan is the equivalent of your grandmother’s. Audio for Basic Forms is available for free download on Gookomissggh.

Grandma In Blackfoot Is A Cherished Family Membe

In Blackfoot, kaasii means grandma, and grandma is a kaasii. Kaasii is a family bonding term that is used to describe endearment between family members. This is how it is phrased, grandmother.

What Is The Viking Word For Grandpa?

Avunculus, ancestor, uncle, aunt, or relative (as in the case of avunculus’grandfather).

Alicarl: A Foolish Person Who Is No Longer Alive

When referring to someone who is completely foolish, the word alicarl can be used. When translated from Old Norse, it means “death.” When used to describe someone who is no longer alive or who has died, it can be interpreted as a sign of death.

What Do You Call Grandmother In Your Language?

How To Say Grandma In Every Language (3)Credit:

In my language, we call our grandmothers “babcias.”

(Video) (WORD 9 - PEOPLE) How do you say "grandmother" in different languages?📚✏️

I wanted to share some words with the world in memory of my grandmother, who passed away from complications of savesay savesay last week, so here are a few of them. Some people will be familiar and some will be unfamiliar. There are some that are very formal, and there are others that sound like a lovely, sweet cookie. Abuelita is the nickname for a buelita in Spanish, or abuela in English if you want to be cozy and cute about it. In German, there is only one formal word, oma, and one common word, gro*mutter. yaya is a Greek word that is pronounced yaya. In Hawaiian, this is known as kupunawahine, which means “grand” and “wahine,” both of which mean “grand.” lola is Filipino for “laugh,” whereas the word yeeai is Thai for “yeeai.” In Dyirbal, Australia, your mother is the gumbu, and your father is the babi.

In Louisiana, family and friends frequently say “MawMaw” to acknowledge their grandmother. It is derived from the French Cajun culture of Louisiana, where elderly people are commonly referred to as moawmaw. Nain is the Welsh word for grandmother, and it can also be found throughout North Wales. This term of endearment is symbolic of the strong cultural ties between Louisiana and Wales and is a testament to the bonds that exist between the two countries.

What Do Other Languages Call Grandma?

The Spanish language’s native speakers around the world refer to their grandmothers as Abuela or abuelita. Because kids like to do so, it has been shortened to buela or lita.

What Culture Calls Grandma?

In Greece, a popular grandmother nickname is the Greek YaYa, which sounds simply joyful. YiaYia may appear hyphenated or as the possessive form YiaYia at times. Although technically grandmothers are Tutu Wahine and grandfathers are Kane, grandparents of both genders refer to themselves as tutus.

Grandmother: A Woman Of Authority And Care

The termgrandmother is derived from the Old French word grandmre, which was first used in the 12th century. Originally, it meant to refer to a person’s mother’s sister. In many ways, the term grandmother is a reference to a woman who is much older than her own mother. A woman who is in charge of her own destiny or a woman who is very caring can be also be referred to as this.

How To Say Grandma In Spanish

There are a few different ways to say grandma in Spanish. One way is to say “abuela,” which is the most common way to say grandma in Spanish. Another way to say grandma in Spanish is “abuelita,” which is a more affectionate way to say grandma. You can also say “bisabuela,” which means “great-grandma.”

Abuela, also known as Abuelita, is used to refer to a grandmother. In addition, it is possible to refer to Granny by shorthands like lita, abbi, and tutita. It’s a good bet tata and yaya are the more casual forms of the English language. What exactly does yaya mean in English? Tagalog is a Spanish word that means “happy.” What is Abuelita? It is a female who is known as Granny. Do you say the B in Abuela? In Spanish, the lips must have a perfect joint between the vowels because there is a double between them.

Grandparents In Spanish-speaking Countries

yaya is another Spanish word that can refer to your grandmother; it can also be used to refer to your mother. When used in affectionate ways, a nickname such as ‘nana’ or’grandmother’ is appropriate. In the plural form, abue is the grandparents of this term. The Latin word ‘abbas,’ which means ‘grandfather,’ inspired this word.

Different Ways To Say Grandma

There are many different ways to say grandma. One way to say grandma is through the word “grandmother.” Another way to say grandma is through the word “grandma.” There are also many other ways to say grandma, such as “grandmama,” “grandmom,” and “grandmother.”

Obiasan is a Japanese word that means grandmother in Japanese. Nonna may be referred to as Nonnina, which means “little grandmother” in Spanish. In German, the equivalent of Granny is “oma,” whereas in English, it is called “granny.” The Portuguese also use the words vo and avo. Bubbe, the most well-known Yiddish term for grandmother, has lost much of its popularity in recent years. A halonini is a term of endearment for grandmothers and other women who may be of a certain age to become your grandmother. Bushka is also known as a headscarf worn by Russian women.

(Video) 39 Italian Words for Grandma 👵 and Other Family Members

In Flemish, the term grandma is most commonly associated with a grandmother. While many people recognize the name “Lola” as a popular Filipino name forgrandmother, many are unaware that it is actually the Filipino word for grandmother. If you are the administrator for a matriarch’s estate, it can be difficult to organize your processes after her death.

Grandma In Italian Language

Nonna in italiano si dice nonna. La nonna è la madre o la padre della madre o del padre. In altre parole, è la bisnonna o il bisnonno. La nonna è anche una parola per indicare la moglie di nonno.

Nonne is the plural form of grandmother, whereas nonna is the original Italian form. Nonna may also have some dialectal variations depending on where you live. Nanna (Calabria), granda (Piemonte), nona (Veneto and Emilia-Romagna), ajaja (Sardegna), and ava (Sicilia) are the four types of these.

Nonna: The One And Only

In Italian, the word grandmother is spelled nonna. Nonni is the plural form of the noun. Nonna, like English, can have multiple terms for grandmother, such as grandma, grandma, grandma, and so on; however, it can also have variations depending on where you live. In Sicilian, the term “grandparents” is abbreviated as noni.

Grandma In Norwegian Language

Bestemoren min er fra Norge, og hun lærte meg et par norske ord før hun døde. Jeg vet ikke hvor mange norske ord jeg kan, men jeg kan si “takk” og “vær så snill”. Jeg vet også at “takk” betyr “thank you” og “vær så snill” betyr “please”.

My grandmother, who was born and raised in a refugee camp, loved the washing machine. It’s like having a friend. When I’m sad, my grandmother gives me karate chops. My grandmother, on the other hand, thought it was cute, so she allowed me to keep doing it. Akke fortelle en akke fortelle det fortelle det for ville en akke ha ha-lkt for. This is a seditious example. I regret that I had overhodered ingenting to the solformrkelsen gjre, which was farmore tiring than I anticipated, so I asked the vet to give me a short run-down of things.

How Do You Say Grandma In Nordic?

The maternal grandparents in Swedish are referred to as mormors, while morfars are referred to as grandfathers. Grandparents are referred to as “grandmothers” or “farfar away” in the family, respectively.

What Language Is Nani For Grandma?

Grandpas of a child’s maternal side are referred to as his or her family members based on their geographic location. They are known as lao ye in the north. Wat gong is a term that is commonly used in the southern United States. Lentil grandmothers are known as nai nai and lentil mother’s grandmothers are known as lao lai. For many Chinese people, the Chinese New Year is a time of year when they celebrate with family and friends.

Respecting Our Elders: The Universal Affection For Grandparents

Grandpa is a fixture in many households, revered for his wisdom and gentle manner. However, the term can also refer to a housemaid or a children’s nurse in South Asia. The Hindi expression “y*” is derived from the Portuguese aia, which means nursemaid, and the Sicilian expression “noni” means grandparent or grandmother. We recognize our grandparents’ affection and respect across borders, but the meaning of these words varies by country.

Grandpa In Different Languages

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question since there are so many languages in the world. However, some of the more commonly spoken languages include Spanish, French, German, and Italian. In Spanish, grandpa would be “abuelo,” in French “grand-père,” in German “großvater,” and in Italian “nonno.”

(Video) How to Say Grandma in Spanish? | How to Pronounce Abuela?

When a Swedish parent adopts a child, both the father and the grandparent are required to disclose their identity. Grandparents are referred to as taas and awa in Telugu, another popular Indian dialect. It is critical that Indian grandparents play an important role in their grand children’s lives in Israel. Nonna and avuela are terms used in Sephardic culture to refer to grandparents and parents. Gogo and ugogo are affectionate names for Grandmas in Zulu, South Africa. Abuelito, as a form of affection, is commonly used for elderly relatives. Grandparents are referred to as maime* (pronounced mam) and daide* in Gaelic.

Grandparents typically stay with their children and grandchildren at home in Chinese households, as well as in foreign households. In Mandarin, the official dialect, the grandparents of an adult are referred to as maternal or paternal grandparents. Mother and maternal grandmothers are known as nai nai and lao lai, respectively.

Afrikaans Word For Grandfather: Oupa

What is the Afrikaans word for grandfather?

Alternative Grandma Names

There are a lot of alternative grandma names out there! You could go with “Nana,” “Grams,” “Granny,” or even “Grandma!” Whatever you decide, make sure it’s a name that your grandma will be comfortable with.

If you’re a grandmother, you’ll stand out from the crowd if you’re given one of these fun nicknames. Do you want to be called Grandma? The fun alternatives could be beneficial. Bunny, the name of Bindi Irwin, a tiger at Australia Zoo, was given to her by her mother,Terri. ‘ Lovey’, Kris Jenner’s 11th grandchild, is also known by her given name. There are several fun nicknames for grandmothers, including Baba, Bibi, and Gaga. Baba, which means “grandmother” or “old lady,” was derived from the Slavic words Baba and Babat.

Abi means grandmother in Swahili and is a simple word to pronounce. A grandmother with a sense of comforting warmth would be perfect with a baby named Coco. Lollie is a popular name for a grandmother in many countries. Mémé is a common term used by Canadian grandmothers. Queenie is a fitting representation of a grandmother’s role in a family. The only way to know if this is your name is to look at it with your own eyes.

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What is a grandmother called in Africa? ›

Africa. The African continent also gives us some of the sweetest names for our grandparents. Afrikaans call their grandmothers Ouma and their grandfathers Oupa. Moroccan Arabic uses Jiddah and Jadd respectively.

How do other countries say grandma? ›

In European Countries

Here's what people in some European countries call their grandmother: Romania (Romanian): Bunica. Italy (Italian): Nonna. Greece (Greek): Yaya.

What are Russian names for grandma? ›

Russia: Babushka is the name children in Russia call their grandmother, and, yes, the Russian nesting dolls are sometimes called babushka dolls. Spain and Latin America: Abuela and Abuelita are common terms, often shortened to Lita.

What are French names for grandma? ›

Grand-mère is the formal French term for grandmother. It can be spelled with or without the hyphen. Grand-maman is slightly less formal, and there are several informal terms, including gra-mere, mémère, mémé and mamé.

What do Irish call grandma? ›

Ireland (Gaelic)

While maimeó anddaideó are the words used to address a grandmother or grandfather, there are a few different words for grandparents in Irish. For example, there are máthair chríona, which translates to “wise mother,” and athair críonna which translates to “wise father.”

What is a German grandmother called? ›

-German: “Oma” is the German name for grandmother.

What are Mexican names for grandma? ›

Abuela. As any Spanish-speaking family knows, "abuela" or "abuelita" translates to "grandmother" in Spanish. You can also call grandma by a shorthand version, including "tita," "abbi," and "lita."

How British call their grandma? ›

For British grandmothers the top five names in order of popularity at a national level are Nan (33%), Grandma (32%), Nana (24%), Nanny (22%) and Granny (14%). Only one-in-ten use the term Gran. The name Nan is by far the most popular for a grandmother in the English seaside cities of Liverpool (65%) and Brighton (51%).

What is grandma in Texas? ›

And if you live in the south, there's a good chance you call your grandmother Mamaw or Mawmaw—the most popular nickname in 7 states mostly in the south and along the Appalachians. Texas is the lone holdout for Mimi while folks in the Northeast prefer Grammie or Nana.

How do you say grandma in Swedish? ›

In the Swedish language, the maternal grandparents are "mormor" for grandmother and "morfar" for grandfather. Paternal grandparents are "farmor" for grandmother, and "farfar," for grandfather.

What are cute grandma nicknames? ›

65 names for grandma to consider
  • Grandma.
  • Gran.
  • Grandmom.
  • Grammy.
  • Granny.
  • Queenie.
  • Nana.
  • Glamma.
Oct 21, 2022

How do you say grandmother in Hawaiian? ›

kūkū. 1. (Usually pronounced tūtū.) Granny, grandma, grandpa; any relative of grandparent's generation.

What do Canadians call their grandma? ›

The French-Canadian name for grandmother is mémé. Mémère is another French-Canadian term for a granny or grandma.

What are Indian names for grandma? ›

India. “In our Indian culture, 'nani' is maternal grandmother, and 'dadi' is paternal. 'Nana' is maternal grandfather, and 'dada' is paternal,” shares Lisa Batra is a first-generation Indian, with immigrant parents, and two kids of her own.

What does Gigi mean for grandma? ›

Another popular subset of unique names are those that are derived from the (most often) grandmother's first name. So Gabby McCree is Gigi. “It's an abbreviation for 'Grandma Gabby' and also my initials growing up,” she says.

What are Cajun grandma names? ›

MawMaw. With its French Cajun roots, "MawMaw" is widely used throughout Louisiana. Also consider the similar-sounding "MeeMaw" as a traditional Southern grandma nickname.

What is grandma in Swiss? ›

In Swiss German, the most used word for grandma is Grosi.

How do you say grandma in Native American? ›

“Unci” (unh-chee) and “Gaka” (gah-gah) are Lakota terms for grandmother and grandfa- ther respectively. These terms are generally used as terms of affection in the traditional Lakota families, while those Lakota families who are more acculturated use the more common terms, “grandma and grandpa”.

What's a southern name for grandma? ›

Many southerners in seven states, including Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and West Virginia, opt to call their grandmothers familiar names that you might expect. The most popular southern grandmother names are Mamaw, Mawmaw, Memaw, Nana, and Mimi.

What does Gigi mean? ›

Meaning:earth worker. Gigi is a baby girl name of French origin. This baby name has a few strong branches with its French root Georgine and its Greek roots Georgina and George. Meaning “earth-worker,” you might recognize this name in the fields, growing crops, planting trees, and taking care of nature's finest.

What do Australians call grandma? ›

In Britain, Ireland, United States, Australia, New Zealand and, particularly prevalent in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nan, Nana, Nanna, Nanny, Gran and Granny and other variations are often used for grandmother in both writing and speech.

How do you say grandma in viking? ›

Grandparents, or besteforeldre in Norwegian, can be called bestemor (grandmother) or bestefar (grandfather).

What do hillbillies call their grandparents? ›

Granny and Grannie are heard in the South, too, although they seem to take a back seat to names containing "ma" or "maw." Southerners don't seem to need as much variety in their grandfather names. Pawpaw or PawPaw and Papa or PaPa are the most common choices, as well as the classic Grandpa or Grandpaw.

What is Argentina grandmother? ›

A 76-year-old woman in Argentina has the entire country calling her abuela, or grandma.

What is grandma Portugal? ›

avó f ⧫ vovó f.

How do you say grandma in Nigeria? ›

In the Zulu language, grandmothers are called gogo, or ugogo. In Swahili it's bibi, in Sudanese, nini, and in Somali, ayeeyo. In the Igbo language of Nigeria, the word is nne nne. In the Maori language, the word is kuia.

How is grandma in Italian? ›

The word for grandmother in Italian is nonna whereas the plural is nonne.

How do you say grandma in Colombia? ›

Grandmother = Abuela

The male counterpart to this is “mijo”. And while it is used from a parent to child, it is frequently used as a term of endearment from an older person to a child, much like “dear” or “honey” in English. Getting comfortable with a new language can take some time.

How do you say grandma in Blackfoot? ›

to say "Grandmother."

How do you say grandma in Belgium? ›

Bomma and Bommi are common Flemish names for a grandmother, but the Flemish also uses Oma or Omi.

What is Gorgeous grandma? ›

National Gorgeous Grandma Day is celebrated annually on July 23. As the name of the holiday suggests, our dearest, cuddliest grandmothers are celebrated. Grandmothers endlessly love and treasure their families, and typically have an infectious love for life.

What do celebrities call their grandmas? ›

Celebrity Names for Grandma
  • Aba Daba (Debbie Reynolds)
  • Glam Ma (Goldie Hawn/Nene Leakes)
  • Granny (Whoopi Goldberg)
  • Honey (Susan Sarandon)
  • Lovey (Kris Jenner)
  • Martha (Martha Stewart)
  • Nana (Chaka Khan)
  • Shazza (Sharon Osbourne)
Mar 25, 2021

What is grandma in tahitian? ›

Te māmā rū'au The grandmother. Te māmā 'u The grandmother (familiar) Te metua vahine The mother. Te māmā The mom (familiar)

Does tutu mean grandma? ›

Tutu Used for Grandparents of Both Genders

The formal Hawaiian term for grandmother is kuku wahine, but tutu is used most commonly for grandparents of both genders. Although the conventional wisdom is that there is no "t" in the Hawaiian language, in actuality the "t" and the "k" are somewhat interchangeable.

Does Kuku mean grandma? ›

may not know that kūkū is another perhaps more. traditional pronunciation for today's Hawaiian word. It. means "granny, grandma, grandpa," or any relative or.

What do Eskimos call grandma? ›

Inuit Nipingit—Inuit Sounds
Inuktitut TermPronunciationMeaning
anaanattiaqa-NAA-nat-siaqgrandmother (Inuinnaqtun)
angajua-ŊA-yuolder brother
angakkuita-NGAK-kuitshamans (plural)
152 more rows

What do Filipinos call their grandmas? ›

The most commonly used Filipino word for grandmother is lola. The suffix sa tuhod is added to indicate a great-grandmother: lola sa tuhod. Another frequently used term is inang.

What are Korean names for grandma? ›

“Halmoni” in Korean

As briefly discussed above, in South Korea, the most common way to say grandma in Korean is 할머니 (halmeoni), also often spelled as “halmoni.” This specifically means grandma in English.

What do South Africans call their grandparents? ›

Kwazulu-Natal Province in South Africa

Grandmas are lovingly known as “gogo” or “ugogo” in the Zulu dialect. Gogo groups, dedicated to helping children, can be found all over the country. Grandpas of the Zulu tribe are called “umkhulu.”

What is the name for grandma in Zimbabwe? ›

If you are older than 50, you may be referred to as “Sekuru” (Old man) or “Ambuya” (Granny). While this may sound like a slur on your age in the Western context, the terms are actually a mark of respect in Zimbabwe. They are affectionate terms showing the reverence for age.

What do First Nations call their grandma? ›

Native American grandmothers hold a near and dear place in our hearts, here are 8 ways my Tota is the best. In Mohawk, it's Tota, In Diné it's amá sání or análí asdz???? and in Cherokee it's Elisi or Enisi. The special word we are referring to is one we all love, Grandmother.

What is grandmother Zimbabwe? ›

Ambuya utano, or community grandmothers, were already trusted and respected figures in the community, with many providing home-based care and health education.

What do Jamaicans call their grandmother? ›

Some grandparents have taken to a word they've heard while traveling abroad. "I know of one grandmother who has adopted the name, 'Mama,' which is Jamaican for 'grandmother,' and believe me, she's not Jamaican," said Christine Crosby, founder and publisher of Florida-based Grand magazine.

What do Brits call grandparents? ›

Some of the names cited for grandmothers include Boo, Mimi and Nanan. For grandfathers such terms of endearment include Pa, Papa and Captain. People living in Cardiff and Plymouth are more likely to use a unique name for their grandfather and those in Nottingham, London and Leicester likewise for their grandmother.

What is grandma in New Zealand? ›

Grandmother: tipuna wahine/tupuna wahine, kuia, karanimā/karanimāmā, perekōu, tāua, ruruhi, ruahine, kui, kuikuia, ngoingoi.

What do Egyptians call grandma? ›

Grandma. : GEHduh.

What is grandma in Cherokee? ›

Grandfather. Agiduda. Ah-gey-doo-dah. Grandmother. Agilisi.

What is a Swedish grandma called? ›

In the Swedish language, the maternal grandparents are "mormor" for grandmother and "morfar" for grandfather. Paternal grandparents are "farmor" for grandmother, and "farfar," for grandfather.

What are Italian names for grandma? ›

Nonna and Nonno

In Italy, grandma and grandpa are known as nonna and nonno. Many Italian-Americans also use these names or the variation, nonni.

What is grandma Canada? ›

Updated on 05/23/19. The French-Canadian name for grandmother is mémé. Mémère is another French-Canadian term for a granny or grandma. In some instances, mémère has a slightly derogatory tone, much like "old lady." In Quebec, the term can be used to refer to a nosy person or a gossip.

How do you say grandma in Pakistan? ›

Explanation: In Urdu language two seperate words `Daddii` and `Nanni` are used for female grandparents. Daddii for paternal and Nanni maternal female grandparent.


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